Tricontinental Art Bulletin

On the last Sunday of each month, the Art team shares the main news and curiosities about artistic movements and culture in the Global South.



Regarding the Pain of Others as Our Own

Our latest bulletin reflects on Maruki’s impactful Hiroshima Panels, urging remembrance and action. The power of images to compel us to feel is a poignant point amid campus protests, highlighting art’s role in fostering internationalism.
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Art is the Expression of Our Struggle

In our April 2024 Tricontinental Art Bulletin, we explore how art becomes a collective expression of resistance in Palestine, and over the 40-year existence of the MST in Brazil.
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I Don’t Create for Institutions; I Create for My People

This is the first bulletin from the art department of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. In this series, we will share our collective creative endeavours, news from our latest events, and how the art we are inspired by feeds the work of global social movements.
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