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Red Alerts

It is hard to keep up with developments and crises in the world order, let alone develop a historical and critical perspective of them. Our red alerts, periodically embedded in our newsletters, provide a brief assessment of key developments and crises.



Every month, we publish a dossier that showcases the research produced by Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research as well as the global network of research institutes of which we are a part. The scope of the dossiers varies widely, from studying the conditions of the working class and peasantry around the world to analysing contemporary imperialist manoeuvres, building an archive of national liberation histories, and highlighting original field research and analyses produced by our team.



One of the most important tasks of our time is to rebuild the confidence and clarity of social and political movements that seek to transition away from the capitalist system. Confidence and clarity require political education. Our notebooks are designed to break down key, and often complex, topics into a format that can be used as a tool in popular political education processes.



We research and produce series on certain key topics:

  • Studies on Contemporary Dilemmas
  • Studies on CoronaShock
  • Studies on Feminisms
  • Studies on National Liberation
  • Studies on Socialist Construction
  • Studies on the DDR


Wenhua Zongheng

Wenhua Zongheng (文化纵横) is a leading journal of contemporary political and cultural thought in China. Founded in 2008, the journal publishes issues every two months featuring articles by a wide array of intellectuals across the country, building a platform for discussion among different ideological positions and values in China’s intellectual community. The publication is an important reference point for debates and developments in Chinese thought on matters ranging from China’s ancient history and traditional culture to its current socialist practices and innovations and from important cultural trends in contemporary Chinese social life to Chinese views and analyses of the world today.

Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research and Dongsheng partner with Wenhua Zongheng to publish a quarterly international edition of the journal that brings voices from Africa, Asia, and Latin America into dialogue with China. This international edition features select essays from the Chinese edition that hold particular relevance for the Global South and is translated into English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

In Chinese, the word ‘Wenhua’ (文化) means ‘culture’ as well as ‘civilisation’ while ‘Zongheng’ (纵横) literally means ‘verticals and horizontals’ but also alludes to the strategists who helped to first unify of China roughly 2,000 years ago through diplomacy and alliances. It is impossible to translate the journal’s title into English while retaining its historical meaning and significance. Therefore, we have chosen to keep the pinyin romanisation of the title to remind our readers that China has a complex history and culture that is challenging to translate and navigate and that this project seeks to bridge this understanding.



Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research is a member of the International Union of Left Publishers (IULP). The IULP brings together over dozens of publishers to advance left ideas, produce joint books, and organise Red Books Day. Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research works directly with several publishing houses, such as Inkani Books (South Africa), La Trocha (Chile), and Batalla de Ideas (Argentina).