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May / 2024

The Students Will Not Tolerate Hypocrisy: The Eighteenth Newsletter (2024)

From universities to grassroots movements worldwide, young people are fighting back against the complicity in Israel’s genocide of Palestians, setting up encampments and facing repression with resilience. This resistance is rooted in a long tradition to impose clarity upon a world encrusted by compromise, from the movement against apartheid in South Africa to China’s May Fourth Movement.
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The Nobodies Are Worth More Than the Bullet That Kills Them: The Ninth Newsletter (2024)

On 20 February, as killings in Gaza reached nearly 30,000 and the US government attempts to send $14 billion in military aid to Israel, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield vetoed a resolution brought by Algeria for a ceasefire in Gaza. Amar Benjama was asked to delay the resolution, but his country refused. ‘Silence is not a viable option’, he said. ‘Now it is the time for action and the time for truth’. Since 1988, 27 of the 33 vetoes the US has exercised have been in defence of Israel’s actions against Palestinians.
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If I Understand the World, I Can March to Change It: The Eighth Newsletter (2024)

In December 2023, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development released a report showing that, since 2018, literacy in reading and mathematics had declined amongst the world’s students. Importantly, they noted that the decline could ‘only partially be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic’. Both teacher and parent support has declined over the past fifty years because of the same social process: austerity regimes have been imposed on most societies in the world. But many, such as the People’s Science Movement in Karnataka, India, continue to find innovative ways to bring scientific learning to millions of children.
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A Word like Peace Is Faster Than the Bullet of War: The Seventh Newsletter (2024)

As the second anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war nears, public support for the war has reached an all-time low. Nonetheless, NATO is escalating tensions along Russia’s border with a four-month military exercise involving 90,000 troops from 32 countries. For the Global North, it is not the Ukrainian people’s wellbeing that matters but the geostrategic necessity to ‘weaken’ Russia and China. In reality, there will be no military triumph in Ukraine, which is why the war must end and negotiations commenced.
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Dawn Is Breaking Out All Over, and the World Is Waking Up: The Sixth Newsletter (2024)

This February marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, when Hugo Chávez took office in 1999. In 2024, Venezuela will hold its sixth general election since that time. Already the US has begun to delegitimise the vote and destabilise the country with the reimposition of sanctions. Such measures are illegal as they are imposed unilaterally, in contravention of the UN Charter. As one US official recently stated, Washington believes it is ‘the police of the world’.
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