At the heart of the work of Tricontinental are the long-term research projects. The Institute – guided by our network of social and political movements – will assemble research teams to conduct precise academic-quality research on problems that we do not always clearly understand and for whom, therefore, we have no easy path for a solution.

Network of Scholars and Intellectuals. When we – in consultation with our network of movements – identify a problem that requires analysis, we will reach out to scholars and intellectuals with key skills that would be needed for the research and we would provide the funds for a six month or one year research programme. To this end, we would like to build a network of scholars and intellectuals who have specific research interests and skills. If you wish to be involved with our network of scholars and intellectuals, please email us at [email protected]. This list would be a resource when we need to identify people who could help us in assembling the research teams. The teams themselves could be made up of students and others who have particular interests and skills that would match the project underway.

Discussion towards Revision. The research conducted by the teams would be presented to us in a long paper, which would be used in discussion by the movements and our own network of scholars. This long paper would form the basis of a conversation that would inform the research team as it revises and sharpens its work. Our general approach towards research is that the work should not remain within the walls of the academy when it is being discussed for revision, but it should be let loose into the world of our movements who could provide specific kinds of feedback for the improvement of the work.

Final paper and Free Use of Intellectual Resources. The final paper will be published at our website. It will be freely available without any copyright for reproduction in any form as long as it acknowledges the work of the research team and Tricontinental. The individual researchers are free to use their findings in their own work. Tricontinental will not hold copyright on any of this material. We believe in the free use of all intellectual resources.