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Recordings of the debate film activity organised by the Open Cathedra of Popular Feminisms “Martina Chapanay” and the collective of Feminism, politics and neoliberalism.

Documentary “Chávez Infinito” encouraged debate and reflection on the imperialist offensive in Venezuela and several axes that we set out to observe from a feminist perspective: Communal organization; the participation of women and dissidents within the communal state: resistance in everyday life and
the defense of territory; tensions and contradictions in the revolutionary process; the feminist movement in Venezuela; the debate on abortion; the contributions of Bolivarianism to Latin American feminism: anti-imperialism, the Afro, migration, plurinationality.
María Laura Vasquez, director of the documentary “Chavez Infinito”, Silvia Farelis, of the Collective “Las Farias”, Yanina Settembrino, member of the “Bolívar Zamora Revolutionary Current” enriched the debate by sharing their experiences.

The document is in spanish.


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